We launch NFT Digital Artworks as TexTeam at OpenSea.

The breakthrough of blockchain technology excites us - and that's why we decided to introduce our own digital NFT artworks with a focus on food to OpenSea under the name TexTeam.

As bestselling authors with books in the collections of the US Library of Congress and the Library of the German Bundestag, we have been observing a worrying trend for over a decade now: in fact, nothing has changed in the abuses we criticize.

Corrupt politicians are unfortunately not part of conspiracy theories, but bitter reality. This is evidenced not only by the current example of the mask scandal, which has shaken the CSU and CDU in Germany alike.

Business leaders, such as the former CEO of Audi, are also sitting or have sat in the dock or in prison. They preached ethics and morals in order to enrich themselves.

Our particular concern, however, is the food industry. While consumer awareness of healthy and sustainably produced food is growing, and some companies are striving for sustainability and regionality, global multinationals are still playing with the wrong cards: rainforests are falling victim to palm oil plantations, the Amazon is giving way to global soy consumption - but the main thing is to have products with the corresponding positive image on the supermarket shelf. Healthy here, rotting environment there, where the raw materials come from.

TexTeam takes up exactly this problem. We show that rotting food originally had that beauty that we don't get to see - because we throw it away.

Saving these images and videos as NFT is important so that later generations can remember the truth unaltered.

By purchasing these NFT artworks digitally stored on the blockchain, buyers not only secure the digital works themselves - but also a piece of the zeitgeist.

Visit TexTeam at OpenSea

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